GRAY OSLOFF5The Symposium & Exhibition venue is Kulturhuset at Youngstorget 3.  Join us to explore the hidden, the beautiful, the dark, the unlikely, the public, the unseen, the private, the fantastic Oslo.

What? The OSLO FLANEUR FESTIVAL is a three day celebration of the flâneur — the stroller, the explorer, the passionate wanderer, the timeless image of the human on the move, the nomad, the urban explorer, the wanderer, the new pilot of humanity in a world in rapid change. O.F.F. transforms the flaneur’s walk into action based urbanism. Together we explore not just the city, but also human wanderlust, nature and culture.

Who is s/he? The Flaneur lives inside all of us. We all recognize the lone walker and the urban explorer. The Flaneur is alone. S/he is the one who removes oneself from the world while standing right in the middle of its steaming heart. Alone – and together with all other flaneurs. During O.F.F. everyone in Oslo becomes a flaneur.

For Whom? Anyone and everybody – whether City-Natives, Anarcho-Absurdists, Urban Arcadians, Urban explorers, New Countrymen or just lost tourists, we welcome anyone to this walk O.F.F. the beaten path.

Join us. Walk with us. Walk your way.

image: wikipedia.org


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